Carnarvon Basin

Canning Basin IP applied to new areas

Buru’s experience and knowledge (IP) of Palaeozoic geology in the Canning Basin is being applied in other Australian Basins to competitive advantage

New permit awarded as first step

Bid block L20-1 onshore Carnarvon Basin

50/50 Joint Venture between Buru Energy (Operator) and Mineral Resources Limited

Strategic location

Close to existing gas infrastructure including the Tubridgi gas storage facility, the Dampier-to-Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline and the Wheatstone and Macedon gas processing plants

Prospective geology

Geology and play types similar to and complement Buru’s Canning Basin assets, representing new prospectivity for the L20-1 area.

Excellent prospectivity for CCS with a focus by Geovault on the area to prepare for future developments assisted by recent Government grant.