Stockle - Miani Deep Dive  

A feature presentation from on the corporate and geological history of the Miani hydrothermal dolomite oil prospect which is currently being drilled by Buru Energy (October 2019)

    The Pick Magazine - Good Oil 2019 Q&A  
    Good Oil Conference 2019  
    Drone Video of NDG 405 at the Ungani 7 Well  
    Aerial View of NDG 405 rigging up at the Adoxa 1 Well  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy preparing to mobilise to drill the Adoxa 1 exploration well  
    Buru Energy Jacking Platform pulling tubing from the Lloyd 3 well during decommissioning operations.  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy on schedule with Ungani 6H well drilling program  
    Aerial View of the NDG 405 drilling rig operations at Ungani 6  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy enjoys Ungani success ahead of major drilling program  
    Good Oil Conference 2018  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy accelerating exploration efforts following Roc Oil transactions  
    Aerial View of the DDGT1 Drilling Operations at Ungani 5  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Drilling down into Buru Energy's strong year  
    Aerial View of Ungani Production Facility & Drilling Operations at Ungani 4  
    Drone Video of the DDGT 1 Drilling Operations at Ungani 4  
    Good Oil Conference 2017  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy's Eric Streitberg talks cash flow from transformational asset swap