Stockhead V-Con - Buru Energy Investor Presentation  
    Good Oil Conference 2021 - Buru Energy Presentation  
    Stockhead - Q-Wrapz: Barry FitzGerald interviews Eric Streitberg  
    Stockhead - Peter Strachan interview with Eric Streitberg  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy updates on Currajong 1 drill program  
    Buru Energy Ltd - 2021 AGM  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy hails strong support for capital raise ahead of Canning Basin drill program  
    Eric Streitberg discusses Buru's participation in the integrated energy economy  
    Executive Chairman Eric Streitberg presenting at Sharecafe Hidden Gems Webinar  
    Eric Streitberg discusses BRU's acreage, oil production & gas resources as the world moves into the renewable space  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy confirms rig for Canning Basin program and completes latest lifting of Ungani crude  
    Buru's Drilling Manager Ibrahim Kale talks about sourcing & securing a larger rig for the 2021 Canning Basin Campaign  
    Buru’s Executive Chairman provides an overview of Buru Energy and its operations  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy discusses major Canning Basin exploration drilling and seismic program  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy updates on new board appointments and planning for 2021 work programme  
    YouTube - Proactive Investors - Buru Energy outlines 'exciting' exploration plans following significant Origin Energy deal  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy outlines 'exciting' exploration plans following significant Origin Energy deal  
    Stockle - Miani Deep Dive  

A feature presentation from on the corporate and geological history of the Miani hydrothermal dolomite oil prospect which is currently being drilled by Buru Energy (October 2019)

    The Pick Magazine - Good Oil 2019 Q&A  
    Good Oil Conference 2019  
    Drone Video of NDG 405 at the Ungani 7 Well  
    Aerial View of NDG 405 rigging up at the Adoxa 1 Well  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy preparing to mobilise to drill the Adoxa 1 exploration well  
    Buru Energy Jacking Platform pulling tubing from the Lloyd 3 well during decommissioning operations.  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy on schedule with Ungani 6H well drilling program  
    Aerial View of the NDG 405 drilling rig operations at Ungani 6  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy enjoys Ungani success ahead of major drilling program  
    Good Oil Conference 2018  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy accelerating exploration efforts following Roc Oil transactions  
    Aerial View of the DDGT1 Drilling Operations at Ungani 5  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Drilling down into Buru Energy's strong year  
    Aerial View of Ungani Production Facility & Drilling Operations at Ungani 4  
    Drone Video of the DDGT 1 Drilling Operations at Ungani 4  
    Good Oil Conference 2017  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy's Eric Streitberg talks cash flow from transformational asset swap