Canning Basin

Buru Energy’s permits lie in the Canning Basin, a geological unit in the southwest Kimberley region some 2,300 kms north of Perth. The area of Buru’s operations is low relief and is dominated by rangelands with large cattle grazing properties covering most of the area.

The Canning Basin is the largest sedimentary basin in Western Australia covering an area of some 530,000 sq kms. Geologically, the basin has similarities with highly productive Palaeozoic aged basins worldwide and is one of the few remaining areas in onshore Australia that is under-explored for petroleum.

Buru Energy holds the dominant acreage position in the Canning Basin. In addition to the significant conventional Ungani Oilfield and the tight wet gas resources of the Laurel Formation, Buru Energy also has an extensive and highly prospective exploration portfolio covering oil and gas prospects that are well defined on both 2D and 3D seismic.