Media Releases

    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy updates on new board appointments and planning for 2021 work programme  
    YouTube - Proactive Investors - Buru Energy outlines 'exciting' exploration plans following significant Origin Energy deal  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy outlines 'exciting' exploration plans following significant Origin Energy deal  
    Origin joins Buru in Canning oil and gas hunt  
    Buru Energy surges as Canning Basin portfolio farm-out with Origin Energy Group kicks off basin-wide exploration program  
    Buru Energy sells a further ~68,000 barrels (gross) of Ungani oil under its marketing agreement with BP Singapore  
    Buru confirms potential additional oil pool in Ungani Far West Reeves Formation to increase future production  
    Buru Energy ships 71,038 barrels of oil under new marketing agreement with BP Singapore  
    Buru Energy to ship first oil this month under new marketing agreement with BP Singapore  
    Buru Energy forms innovative alliance to explore hydrocarbon and mineral potential in the Canning Basin  
    Buru Energy gets $1.6 million from latest lifting of crude oil from Ungani Joint Venture  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy buoyed by healthier return on sales as oil prices increase  
    Business News WA - Buru banks another $1.2m from latest Ungani oil  
    Buru Energy completes latest lifting of Ungani crude, farm-out process progressing  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy “in excellent shape to emerge strong and more efficient”, says chairman  
    The Market Herald - Buru Energy has comfortable cash to cushion COVID-19 blow  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy continues Ungani Oilfield production ahead of May lifting, slashes corporate personnel costs 50%  
    Business News WA - Buru pulls $3.5 million in revenue for black gold  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy makes record lifting of 78,000 barrels from Ungani Oilfield JV  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy to assume 100% in three Canning Basin permits  
    Stockhead - Buru poised to top up Canning Basin oil production  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy horizontal drilling program successful and cash balance boosted from latest lifting of Ungani crude  
    Business News WA - Buru firing on multiple fronts in the Canning Basin  
    Stockle - Analysis of Miani 1  
    Stockle - Miani Deep Dive  

A feature presentation from on the corporate and geological history of the Miani hydrothermal dolomite oil prospect which is currently being drilled by Buru Energy (October 2019)

    Energy News Bulletin - Buru spuds Miani-1 exploration well  
    Business News WA - Buru spuds new oil well in the Canning  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy spuds wholly-owned Miani 1 oil exploration well in Western Australia  
    Hartleys - Buru Energy Day Trip to the Canning Basin  
    StockAnalysis - Buru: As busy as four companies!  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru makes progress at Ungani  
    Business News WA - Buru eyes return to Canning Basin tight gas play  
    Stockhead - Buru edges closer to regulatory approval in the Canning Basin  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy welcomes lifting of moratorium on fraccing in WA  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy aims to unlock new Canning Basin exploration play with Miani 1 well  
    Business News WA - Buru expands oil production with Canning Basin Well  
    Business News WA - Buru firms up potential zone at Adoxa-1  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru announces mixed results at Adoxa 1  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy identifies potential oil zone at Adoxa 1 on the back of a record recent oil lifting  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy confirms significant oil shows from Adoxa 1 exploration well  
    Business News WA - Buru strikes oil in the Canning Basin  
    The West Australian - Buru Energy finds signs of oil in the Kimberley  
    Small Caps - Buru Energy hits oil at Adoxa-1 in WA’s Canning Basin  
    StockAnalysis - Buru Coverage - Adoxa 1  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy spuds Adoxa 1 exploration well in Canning Basin  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru spuds first exploration well for the year  
    Business News WA - Buru kicks off oil exploration in the Canning Basin  
    StockAnalysis - Buru: Near enough is good enough at U-6H  
    Proactive Investors AU - Buru Energy preparing to mobilise to drill the Adoxa 1 exploration well  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy completes lifting of 73,780 barrels produced at Ungani Oilfield  
    Business News WA - Buru sustains oil production volumes at Ungani  
    StockAnalysis - Roc Oil could let Buru drill Rafael at 100%  
    Proactive Investors AU - Buru Energy on schedule with Ungani 6H well drilling program  
    The West Australian - Focus on oil as Buru waits on Fracking  
    Proactive Investors AU - Buru Energy starts intensive campaign aiming to increase production and drill high potential exploration wells  
    Business News WA – Buru shifts into high gear for WA oil and gas hunt  
    StockAnalysis - A dry Season with productive wells?  
    Buru Energy Ltd spuds Ungani 6 development well  
    Buru spuds Ungani-6 development well - Energy News Bulletin  
    Business News WA – Buru kicks off drilling of key Ungani oil production well  
    Strachan Report - Doriemus Plc (DOR) 1 May 2019  
    Energy News Bulletin -Doriemus firming Canning drill plans  
    StockAnalysis - Buru Recommendation - 18 April 2019  
    Buru Energy enjoys Ungani success ahead of major drilling program  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru mobilises rig for 2019 campaign  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy on fast track to start new drilling program at Ungani Oilfield JV  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy buoyed by review which indicates strong gas and liquids potential for Butler conventional sand prospect  
    Hartleys Recommendation - Speculative Buy 12 Nov 2018  
    Buru Receives Widespread Support From Kimberley Community For Developing Onshore Natural Gas  
    Claims made in Fairfax media article regarding Buru Energy frac well sites are alarmist and misleading  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy accelerating exploration efforts following Roc Oil transactions  
    The West Australian – Roc Oil in $84m Deal to take half of Buru Energy’s Ungani oil project  
    The West Australian – Buru honoured for bilby project  
    Proactive Investors – Buru Energy has oil flowing again at Ungani project in Western Australia  
    Hartleys Recommendation - Speculative Buy 26 March 2018  
    Hartleys Recommendation - Speculative Buy - 7 Feb 2018  
    StockAnalysis - Volume 15 - Issue 1 - 30 January 2018  
    StockAnalysis Volume 14 - Issue 48 - 17 January 2018.pdf  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru Keen On Ungani Expansion  
    Proactiveinvestors AU - Buru Energy maps plan for oil production growth at Ungani  
    Energy News Bulletin - Buru Blinks At Horizon  
    APPEA - Pepper Inquiry finds fracking risks can be managed  
    Energy News - Ungani exceeds expectations  
    Proactive Investors - Buru Energy's shares trade higher as all going to plan at Ungani  
    Energy News - Buru hints at bigger things  
    StockAnalysis - Issue 44, Volume 14 - Buru forging ahead  
    StockAnalysis - Issue 42, Volume 14  
    The Sunday Times - Hot Stocks - Trent Barnett 19 Nov 17  
    StockAnalysis – Issue 25, Volume 14  
    Media Release ILUA Sept 16  
    StockAnalysis Special Edition on BURU  
    The Broome Advertiser - Broome Sports Awards  
    The Broome Advertiser - Inquiry gives all clear to fracking  
    APPEA - Inquiry finds hydraulic fracturing poses negligible risk  
    WA Legislative Council Report - Implications for WA of Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconventional Gas  
    Proactive Investors Q&A with Eric Streitberg  
    APPEA - Australia's top science advisor says fracking is safe  
    Yungngora Community Media Release regarding TGS Program  
    Energy News - Buru gets TO support  
    Energy News - Buru gets TO support  
    Commercial Oil Production Gets Underway at Ungani Field in Western Australia  
    Hydraulic fracturing poses minimal risk to water - US EPA  
    Buru Energy informing the Broome community Jan 2014  
    Broome Community Media Release Dec 2013  
    Water Management Media Release Dec 2013  
    Environmental Plan Media Release Nov 2013  
    Buru Energy - Community Engagement Launch Nov 2013  
    Ungani Heritage Media Release Oct 2012  
    Operations Media Release Oct 2012  
    Scholarship Media Release June 2012